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Horizontal vs Vertical Ground Source Heating in Your Surrey Home

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Ground Source Heating

Also known as geothermal heating, this facility is available for both large and small plots of land, and provides a constant source of heat all year round. There are two ways in which this method is utilised – one is using the heat created naturally deep within the earth, and the other is sourcing the energy produced nearer to the surface by the sun’s natural rays. Here in the UK the latter is the preferred option as the boreholes required for the process don’t have to be driven as deeply into the earth.

How it works

A collecting hose filled with water and antifreeze is positioned in the earth, and heated by the solar energy stored within its surroundings as the liquid travels through the system. This new energy is transferred into the home via a heat pump which is situated in a shed or garage. Many online resources compare this method to the way a refrigerator works in the home.

Although the pump requires electricity, the system is considerably more renewable than standard heating methods and dramatically reduces energy bills.

For further information about this system, please talk to us at Birchland Homes & Construction. Whilst carrying out our specialist range of house refurbishments, new builds and home extensions, our master builders can install this eco-friendly and cost-saving heating system at your Guildford or Surrey property.

Horizontal vs Vertical

We favour vertically drilled ground source heating. This requires a minimal-sized plot of land in order to drill the boreholes required for installation.

For rural properties the horizontal option would be favourable as the land is readily available to house the collection hoses. But the majority of our client base is situated in suburban areas where space is limited.

The vertical system requires a borehole that’s roughly 20cm wide. If another hole is recommended, it needs to be approximately 6 metres away.

The number of boreholes depends on the amount of heat required for the property. A small residential home will only require one borehole.

Costs of installation depend on the method chosen. With vertically drilled ground source heating, specialist equipment is provided to produce the boreholes. Weighing up the advantage of having reduced bills – therefore redeeming your initial costs over time – this is truly a heating system for a range of properties in the future.

For more information about this renewable heating system, our new builds, home extensions, house refurbishments, or any of the other services we provide for our clients in Guildford and Surrey, please contact us at the number listed below.

Birchland Homes & Construction’s master builders and tradesmen share over 40 years’ combined experience between them. Throughout this time, they have perfected their skills to provide the most reliable and professional service to our existing and future clients.

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