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New Builds in Haslemere and the Surrounding Areas by Established Builders Style Your Surrey Home with Boutique Chic

Established in 2012, the aim of Birchland Homes & Construction is to enhance your Surrey property and create a truly stunning home. Our new builds begin as a blank canvas upon which our master builders and tradesmen produce a lifestyle that reflects your personality and way of life. This is mirrored in our home extensions and house refurbishments; we transform, not only your Haslemere property, but the way in which you live within your new surroundings.

Style at Home

This blog suggests a number of ways in which you can go one step further and create a sophisticated look that wouldn’t appear out of place in a top boutique hotel:


Our designers at Birchland Homes & Construction recommends dressing the dining table often to create a sense of dining in style on a regular basis.

Position vases of fresh flowers around your home to add colour and an inviting aroma to each room.

Living Room

Well-dressed Queen Anne chairs, positioned at either side of the fireplace, will give the impression that your guests are socialising in a private club. Select high-end fabrics and choose an accent colour for the cushions that blend in with the living room décor.


If you have the space, purchase an opulent four-poster bed and place complementary bench seating at the bottom. Add a throw in good quality velvet or wool for a luxurious appeal.

Include a seating area to provide the appearance of a hotel suite and, for added style, have a roll-top bath installed in your bedroom and recline in lavish surroundings.

These styles can be incorporated into our home extensions and new builds. Alternatively, clients can avail of the house refurbishments services offered by Birchland Homes & Construction’s master builders, and change a single room in their properties into a private retreat of luxury and privacy.


Set out your bathroom as if you were staying in a hotel. Roll the towels and position toiletries in a way that invites you to automatically open the bottles and smell the fresh fragrances. For guests who are staying overnight at your Haslemere or Surrey property, this is an idea for making them feel welcomed.

Colour Theme

Don’t choose bright colours for your walls. Boutique hotels tend to have darker themed décor for a more sophisticated and refined appearance. Scarlet, forest green or navy stand out as shades to consider.

This site contains a number of endorsements that truly reflect the positive responses we receive from clients in Haslemere and the surrounding areas in Surrey. No job is complete until you are totally satisfied, and we are confident this is achieved with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. Our building services, including new builds, home extensions and house refurbishments, are highly sought after in the areas we cover – a testament to the exceptional standards to which our builders and tradesmen at Birchland Homes & Construction operate.

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